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Thank You!
Christine Scott is an excellant handler & dog trainer. Together we have tackled almost every dog issue you can come up with. Christine has worked with me with all four of our labs. Her training began with me beginning a better leader and handler. From Ace our "dog leader of the Pack", he was trained I wasn't. Faith, our sweetheart who looked up at the stars on our night walks everytime I asked her to sit. Brogan a rescue who absolutly loves dog training. None of us ever thought he'd ever become serious enough to learn all his commands but with Christine's encouragement he (we) made it! Then the real test came with the new puppy in our lives Hope a Red Fox Lab with the will of steel. She has learned how to come, sit, stay, down, leave it, roll over, go thru the hoop, hide and seek, gather up her toys in the pool and put intio toy box. None of this would of happened with out the expertise of Christine Scott. She's our hero. She makes having a dog FUN! I'm hooked!!!

Judy Baldwin
Thank You!
I have a young Border Collie with fear aggression problems. I was totally stressed out trying to deal with a situation I had not encountered before. My anxiety only made my dog’s problem worse and I wasn’t sure what to do. Enter Christine Scott and Great Scott Dog Training. My dog and I enrolled in Christine’s “Canine Life and Social Skills” class. Right from the start, Christine helped to instill a sense of calm and confidence. She taught us tools and techniques to work through our problem slowly but surely and we had fun while we were learning.

Whether you have a new dog and you want to learn how to train basic obedience skills and good manners or whether you have a dog with a serious behavioral problem, I highly recommend Great Scott Dog Training. Christine will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you.

Regina Boniface
Thank You!
My dog is a Canine Good Citizen! And I am so proud of her. And I am so proud of myself. We have Christine Scott to thank for this accomplishment!

Christine's smart training techniques, her intuitive style, her humor and her enthusiasm trained me to become a better pet owner, able to train my dog to become a great pet.

Last February Bella appeared on our doorstep. Six months later she and my husband were beginning to form a pack without me. Christine taught me how to command respect along with love from Bella, while I trained her, a 5 year old smart farm dog, to walk with me on a leash, sit, stay, give paw, greet people gently and not greet dogs madly.

Christine is an awesome trainer - and a really nice person! Bella and I will consider her a friend for life and a great trainer of people and their pets.

Thank You!
I am happy to recommend Christine Scott’s dog training services to anyone who wants excellent results. I was introduced to Christine at K9 Kampus and started taking Triebball classes she was teaching. I have a 2 year old Airedale, Terk, who is full of energy and this is not a sport that comes naturally to Airedales. I knew from my very first conversation with her that she was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about animal behavior. She was welcoming and easily tailored the training to each specific dog in the class and most importantly the owners. Training is about dogs and people together and Christine is excellent with both of us!

She believes in positive reinforcement and is wonderful at the delicate task of training the human also. There was never a time that I felt rushed or was made to feel that we should be learning "more quickly".

Her dedication and love of the animals is what makes her so successful. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to strengthen their relationship with their dog and have fun while doing it.

Wanda Cordelli
A.K.A. Terk’s Mom
Thank You!
Ms Christine :

I wanted to thank you for all your patience with Abby Dabby doo she is doing so much better around other dogs, and is excelling in her training.

I wanted to thank you for all your patience with Abby Dabby doo she is doing so much better around other dogs, and is excelling in her training.

We are very glad we met you and are looking forward to coming to another class just for,fun and give her something to keep her busy she loves it.

Ella M. Burdick and Abby
Thank You!
To whom it may concern:

We, the undersigned, which to provide favorable comment on the services provided by Christine Scott, who recently contracted with us to "socialize" our dog, a female chocolate lab mix, adopted by us several years ago while we were living in Mississippi. The animal who came to us form a broken home environment was loving to us and seemed to like people (especially small children) but reacted to other dogs in a hostile manner. Mrs. Scott quickly analyzed the problem and did not hesitate to tell us that our reaction to her behavior was a major contributing factor the perceived problem.

Using "hands-on" techniques, she managed to greatly reduce the scope of the problem to the extent that we are now able to walk our dog with a much less restrictive harness and without fear if altercation with other dogs. We cheerfully certify that the services provided by Mrs. Scott have made our lives easier and better.

We unhesitatingly recommend the services of Mrs. Scott to anyone who has a "Problem Dog."

James and Sue Seay
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